Environmental Policy

We want to have a Positive Impact

At Lisotel – Hotel & SPA we are committed to contributing to sustainable development in the short and long term, while simultaneously providing the satisfaction of our guests by offering an experience of excellence with the best price guaranteed.

In this way, Lisotel – Hotel & SPA undertakes to:

  • Use rationally and sustainably natural resources and develop products that facilitate their use;
  • Prevent and reduce CO2 pollution through the use of a fully green fleet;
  • Protect, support and conserve existing biodiversity and watercourses in Campos do Lis;
  • Favor the use of natural light and, when impossible, use LED or low energy lamps;
  • Provide adequate information about Good Environmental Practices in order to make employees and guests aware of environmental issues;
  • Collaborate with the community by participating in solidarity campaigns and collaborating with non-profit Associations.

Environmental Policy

A Green Hotel

At Lisotel, respect for the environment is a priority.

In this way, the entire hotel was thought, designed and built with the goal of achieving maximum energy efficiency through modern renewable energy solutions.

Renewable energy

Geothermal system, two vertical holes and a large area of solar panels, to heat the building and hotel water.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Lisotel has a 22 kW universal electric vehicle charging station, which allows for quick charging of the car.

Tesla Car Loading

Lisotel has a Tesla charging station, forming part of the network of Loading at Destination of the brand.