Choose your Room

Engaging, Soothing, Romantic

There are three adjectives that describe the ambience of Lisotel’s rooms. But many more can be discovered during your stay.

As the first themed hotel in the municipality of Leiria, Lisotel has 55 themed rooms inspired by the stories that brought the region to life. See below the typologies we have for you and choose your theme:

Standard Double & Twins Rooms

Prado ou poesia?

Whatever your inspiration, be aware that our standard double / twin rooms have been carefully designed to give you all the comfort you deserve at an attractive price.

Standard double rooms with Bathtub Whirlpool

What is your history?

Immerse yourself in the romantic stories of Leiria: in our whirlpool rooms you can discover a little more about King D. Dinis and Queen Santa Isabel or discover the forbidden romance of Eça de Queirós between Father Amaro and Amelia.

Superior Double Rooms

What scenario are you looking for?

Discover the love stories that the region has to offer. From the Legend of the River Lis and Lena, to the story of Princess Zara.

Enjoy your stay and enjoy a relaxing hydromassage bath in our superior rooms and relax in our Spa Circuit.


Water or Earth

Which ambience do you prefer? The décor of our suites honors two such important features in the Leiria region – water and earth.